Rules of

These are the rules of the website please read them carefully to avoid a penalty. Thank you.

Rules of WallManga 愛

These are the site rules please read them carefully to avoid a penalty. Administrators are present on the site to administer user publications. If your post has been removed but you can not find what is wrong with the rules you can join our discord

1. The published wallpapers must be exclusively related to the world of Mangas.

2. No NSFW content is allowed.

3. Racism or anything else that could shock someone is absolutely forbidden on the site!

4. All advertisements are forbidden!

5. Any sending of images must respect these rules: no racist, religious, violent, hurtful images, or that can shock anyone.

6. Do not spam postings

Failure to comply with one or more of these rules may result in sanctions, ranging from a simple mute to the final banishment of the community.